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Boot Camp Beech body

You WILL be able to see a noticeable difference to your physique in just one week with us!

If you are just on the edge of peak physical conditioning or feel you are just a few pounds away from achieving the body you want then your transformation can be complete by the end of this week and you'll be stepping out onto the beach or into the pool with a body that you can truly be proud of. If you have a way to go, then this is a great way to get started and the noticeable difference you see and feel from this week will have you beaming with confidence and new found self-esteem.

Your stay with us is structured to ensure you get maximum results coupled with maximum fun. Boot camp will be hard from day one, but our staff will ensure that you are pushed beyond your personal self limitations.

Bodyfit360 Boot Camp is a no thrills kick start to your transformation which is a proven concept which will helps build camaraderie with fellow Boot Campers and will also help drive you through this week of intense energising drills and outings. You will be staying in bunk rooms with no more than 3 other females only.

Okay, so there is one thrill thrown in! At the end of each day, you can receive massage
therapy from our on site specialist to help relieve your body of any pain from the day's workout and to help prepare your body and mind for the challenges that lay ahead the next day.

The week will include things like PT, Core training, circuits, assault courses, hiking, bike rides, command tasks, games, body pump, boxing, Thai Kick boxing, skipping and PT attack to name a few. All of these tasks will cater for all levels of skill and varying fitness. If you think you are at the very top of your fitness and strength game then the PT attack is definitely for you!!

All equipment for these tasks is provided. Although there are laundry facilities, we recommend that you bring an ample change of clothing. A recommended kit list will be forwarded to you once when you have made your enquiry or booking.

It takes dedication and the correct knowledge to attain it and maintain it which is why we will provide you with exercises and nutritional advice to take away with you to keep you on the road to achieving the body you've always wanted and "Be Your Best".