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Boot Camp Evolution

Evolution - a concept designed for you.

All you need is: 1. Have a way to go to achieve your fitness goals; keep you firmly on track over a longer period of time with regular face to face contact with the bodyfit360 team or 3. If you fancy a different sort of challenge where you can see and have your progress monitored by our team over a period of time. It is based over a maximum of 360 day's but depending on you, we will advise the period, which is challenging but achievable for you to reach your goal.

You will join us for a series of 4 Evolution Camps, which will be held in South Wales. Two of these visits will be mid week and 2 will be weekends, totaling 14 days. On top of this, you will be taken through 3 personal training sessions at a gym or park convenient for you with one of Bodyfit360's personal trainers at your disposal for 90 minutes per session. You can shoose to take the Evolution journey with a partner or in a group, which will serve you well as a great motivation for each other and can be used to fit in with a special target date you may have in mind to fit a particular outfit.

In physical fitness, ultimate goal progress is easier to keep track of when you have smaller goals to aim for which is exactly how this programme is designed split between four Boot Camps and 3 personal training sessions where weight, body fat, and fitness will all be monitored to ensure you are on track to achieve your ultimate goal. There will also be direct email contact with Clive Lyttle (head trainer) to ensure your training and nutrition are all on track in between visits.

The activities and intensity of these Evolution Camps are similar to those on one week Boot Camps with even more of a personal touch. These courses will also be split into male and female groups.

When you put your mind to this, you really cannot fail........RESULTS GUARANTEED!!

Why not start your fit body evolution today?!