Where the mind goes, the body will follow…

When creating GH360X™, it was my vision to diversify what the worlds current health, fitness and sport currently represents and designed the program so it could be challenging to participants of all levels of fitness and have the fluidity not only to challenge people of ALL fitness levels but also so that it could be tailored to meet specialties such as sports specific drills.
Although I had it in mind for some time to design this sort of program, I kind of stumbled over the concept when I was designing my own program for the goals which I was trying to achieve, which was to get back into American Football and be better than I was before I stopped playing. This meant I would have to have more speed, endurance, strength and power and because I’m also into my bodybuilding,  I wanted to get bigger and also have better esthetics, something that most guys in the gym seem to want to achieve. In short, I wanted to transform myself into the “ultimate athlete”. GH360X™ was born.
Anyone that trains knows that to attain and maintain one or two of the above is tough enough, so to attain and maintain all of them in a short space of time, I would have to get myself into a mindset with a program that would keep me locked into it, excite me and make me see FAST results! Hence the name GH360X™ 
Like anything else that is great and innovative, I think it should be shared. It doesn’t matter if you just want to drop a couple of dress sizes or become the next 100 meter Olympic champion or even the next Mr Olympia, I guarantee that this program has something to offer you in terms of you seeing the kind of fast results I saw, just from doing it as around 30 percent of my overall regime.
I urge you to give this a go. GH360X will take your body to places you never thought possible, both athletically and esthetically and you will be amazed at the results you’ll achieve in a short space of time!

What Is GH360X?

GH360X is a short sharp and intense workouts (30 – 45 minutes – check your specific class for details) designed to work and shock your body into achieving great results fast! Designed by myself (Clive Lyttle, Bodyfit360 Head Trainer) using a scientific approach to exercise some of these training techniques include sports specific drills, bodyweight exercises, power exercises, strength & conditioning and cardio, just to name a few. GH360X series 1 has been designed to incorporate many different training techniques that have been tried and tested and proven to work with clients over the past decade and also by following the regime myself, so I am 100 percent confident enough to put my name to it and say IT DEFINITELY WORKS!
What makes GH360X so diverse is that I have taken exercises that can be easily transformed from a high impact or highly difficult exercise into a low impact or advanced easy to grasp exercise, all will be effective all of the time so anyone new to exercise need not worry and everyone in the class will be working to their own maximum potential.

What Can you expect from a GH360X Class?

·         A Relentless, hardcore, inspirational and motivating workout.
·         Sweat!!!
·         FREE Regular fitness and strength assessments to monitor your progress (optional).
·         FREE Body fat, weight and circumference measurements every 3 weeks to monitor your progress (optional).
·         FREE Personal Nutritional Advice.*
·         Specially designed workouts, geared at helping you to reach YOUR goals faster.
·         Motivating upbeat music tracks synced with the workout phase.
·         A Trainer that will ensure you GO HARD, but also train smart.
·         Fast Fat Loss and Toning.
·         Faster, stronger, increased stamina with a fitter looking body to match that will leave you feeling great!

*See Terms and conditions
·         We advise that you allow your body adequate recovery time between classes. This will ensure you avoid injury and allow your body the time to repair the muscles you have worked.

What do you need to bring to the class?

·         Comfortable Trainers
·         Comfortable workout clothing
·         1L (or more) of water
·         Your GH360X head…be prepared to Go Hard, No Apologies, No Excuses…..Just getting it done and getting RESULTS.

GH360X™ Defined

GH means…
To GHard. So what exactly does Go Hard mean? To Us at Bodyfit360 it’s when you’ve reached that point of your workout where you physically feel like you can do no more (this is where some would leave the workout and then have regrets for doing so half an hour later when they’ve recovered from their workout and know they had more gas left in the tank) but when you GH, it’s at this point that you dig deep within yourself to find those last few reps to complete your target reps….then your GH360X trainer says “ONE MORE”! This is when GH kicks in again and you believe you can achieve the body you’ve picture in your mind and you want it NOW. With extra reps over your targets completed, you leave the, made it through the battle and you have given it everything and more. It may not be pretty at that point, but you hold your head high knowing you’ve won your battle and you Go Hard!

360 means…
·         Complete 360 body transformation
·         All the way around from nutrition to motivation and guidance through the program from the start
·         To be relentless all the way round, all of the time and to have unwavering focus, leaving no stone unturned in your quest for creating your greatest physique, fitness and health to date.
X means…                                                                                
No Apologies​, No Exuses……….Just Results!                                                                                     

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